Premier Padel 2024: an update on the pairs to watch

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At the start of this year, it’s clear that the world’s top players have been shaken up by the split between Galan and Lebron. The announcement of their separation has given way to a shake-up in the circuit’s leading duos. The pairs Chingotto / Momo and Ruiz / Tello subsequently announced their separation.

The next few days are likely to be hectic , and speculation continues to mount about the next duos.

Stupaczuk / Di Nenno © Premier Padel Joachim Azouze

Here are the duos that make up the current world top:

➤ Tapia – Coello
➤ Paquito – Lebron
➤ Tello – Belasteguín
➤ Galan – Chingotto
➤ Stupaczuk – Di Nenno
➤ Paquito – Sanyo
➤ Ruiz (Victor) – Bergamini
➤ Nieto – Sanz

The women’s circuit

On the women’s circuit, the competition promises to be just as intense, with duos such as Ariana Sánchez – Paula Josemaría, Bea González – Delfina Brea and Alejandra Salazar – Tamara Icardo likely to stand out. Bea and Delfi shone by winning two Premier Padel tournaments last year, ending the season on top. For their part, Ari and Paulita, with a victory to their credit, are currently holding on to their number-one position in the world.

Sanchez / Josemaría © Premier Padel Joachim Azouze

Some players are already showing their ambitions. “Our goal is clear: to become the world’s best,” says Bea González, currently second in the rankings with partner Delfina Brea. The new Salazar – Icardo pair, strong and complementary, are determined to make their mark among the best.

New duos, such as Virginia Riera and Sofía Araújo, as well as recent formations Gemma Triay – Claudia Fernández and Martita Ortega – Verónica Virseda, are seeking to establish themselves and grow in stature. These players are eagerly awaited, especially after the unexpected Triay – Ortega split, which took the Padel world by surprise.

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